Making more than the sum


The Cajal International Neuroscience Center (CINC) is a strategic commitment of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and was created with the ambition of becoming a multidisciplinary research center of world reference in the field. Its main objective is to contribute to human welfare by providing the most basic knowledge of the functioning of the human brain and the diseases that alter it.

To this end, the CINC will incorporate, through open calls, research groups currently located in other CSIC centers, particularly in the Cajal Institute, as well as national and international research groups of outstanding scientific level. Sufficient space and facilities will also be provided to clinical investigators who wish to develop research projects in an optimal environment. All this in the conviction that only the new concepts arising from the deep knowledge of the nervous system will allow the generation of innovative tools for the early diagnosis and treatment of its diseases, as well as the optimization of educational programs and social organization.